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I have 12 years experience in Subicwater and Sewerage Company Incorporation including my experience in the former Olongapo City Water District. I have 7 years of experience on the said plans. I also had the chance to work at MWHGlobal and based at Brisbane Queensland Australia as a Planning Engineer. My work includes System Leakage Management Plans (SLMP) and the design and implementation of Pressure Managed Areas (PMAs) and Demand Managed Areas (DMAs), Hydraulic Modeller in which I provide an Emergency Response Plan as well as future Capital works due to high risk assets failure on forecasted demand in one of my assigned projects and currently working on Water Quality Assessment, Hydraulic modelling side. As an additional, I was trained to update/create GIS tables that you may find helpful too in creating DMAs and PMAs.


Far Eastern University – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

MWHGlobal – MAPInfo Training re GIS, H2O Map training re Hydrauic Modeling

SWSCI – CAD training




Water Planning   Engineer,Brisbane,Australia

Develop District-metered and Pressure managed areas to water   supply areas through hydraulic modeling, network analyses, and leakage and   pressure management.


  • Provide advice, solutions and project outcomes that create value for clients.

  • As a project team member, liaise with Project Managers to set budgets for appropriate jobs, keeping Project managers informed as to timing and cost and any other engineering works.

  • Provision of Technical assistance to staff, including training to specific areas of responsibility and expertise as required.

  • Carry out appropriate research of existing asset and investigation and design modifications/improvements.

  • Preparationof technical reports

 Subicwater and Sewerage Co. Inc.

Network Modeller and Planning Officer, (2005-2007)

Perform variety of professional planning activities involving water demand and pipe networking; conduct a special project research as assigned. To prepare reports and recommendations relative to assigned area of responsibility.

  • Review petitions prepared by customers/agencies for potential impact on company services and water supply; perform research and field inspections; assembles comment, andprepares recommendations.
  • Review other departments’ proposals for consistency with the company plans.
  • Assist in the study related to water demand forecasting, water facility planning and economic projections.
  • Prepare complex studies and reports on a wide range of planning issues; provide DMZ conceptualization and development, gather and analyze data; develop alternatives and recommendations and write and edit draft and final reports.
  • Analyze a variety of pressure data essential to water supply, make visits as necessary; prepare reports and      supporting maps and other graphic representations.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with co associates and the public using principles of good customer service.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.       

Subicwater and Sewerage Co. Inc.

Water Asset Management Supervisor (1999 to 2005)

The position is responsible for formulating, recommending, implementing and evaluating policies and programs relative to the reduction of non revenue water.

It is also responsible for planning, directing, supervising and reviewing the work of subordinates in relation to the accomplishment of the above function.

  • Reviews and analyses distribution flows/supply and conducts continuous study of pipe network.
  • Oversees:
    • Site leak detection activities
    • Quick repair of detected leaks on site
    • Utilize appropriate leakage detection activities
    • Carry out night-time step test and operations
    • Detect and report illegal connection on site
    • Measurement of NRW per area
    • Reading of bulk meters and pressure gauges
  • Compute and analyze data on burst/leaks and other NRW statistics
  • Reviews and analyses distribution system pressure for reduction/regulation
  • Ensure that burst locations found are recorded and entered on distribution plan
  • Record corrections to network plansReviews and appraises the soundness and application of the systems and procedures and initiates required revision and modification.
  • Recommends the required annual budget of the division; controls and ensures that expenditures conform to      budgetary guidelines.

Subicwater And Sewerage Co. Inc.


  • Attends reviews, analyzes customer complaints, requests and inquiries related to their service connections and coordinates with the concerned division.
  • Prepares issues and monitors status of work requests, job order requests, water hauling and excavation permits.
  • Coordinates job orders for inspection, initiates, verifies and reviews results of inspection and status of new service line application with inspection, reconnection and disconnection division.
  • Process service line applications as requested by customer.
  • Verifies/reviews/analyses results of meter calibration tests and prepares for billing adjustments if necessary.
  • Accepts and process payment made by customers.
  • Tapes and reconciles collection stubs against print out report, and prepares collectors report as reference in the preparation of cashier’s collection summary for the day.
  • Remits cash/check payments to the cashier by counting and taping, the total quantity of peso bill and adding      the checks payment received for the day to serve as reference in reconciling cash remittances as against the report.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.      



  • H2O Map – Hydraulic Modeling
  • Map Info – GIS
  • CAD – Drawing


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