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Desired salary: 30.00$
Desired position type: N'importe lequel
Lieu : San Rafael Province de Mendoza, Argentine


I introduce myself, mi name is Gisella Famá and I am an architect.
Throughout my life I have carried out a wide range of research projects, which have shaped my personal and academic development. They have altered my choices to the future and justify the decisions to my career. Today, I choose to change my place and my comfort zone to evolve: I have inside me the strength to do it and I feel it is my time to do so. Seeking to grow from the experience, discovering ideas, cultures and different perceptions of life, as I am convinced that progress is obtained from the exchange between people, example and teaching.


Master in Architectural and Urbanism Projects


Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, 47012 Valladolid; Spain

▪  Administration, Urban Design and Management.

▪  The Urban Ambient in Architectural Projects

▪  The Technology Impact inside  the Architectural and Urban Projects

▪  Marketing of the City

▪  Conservation of the Architectonic Urban Patrimony

▪  Others



Universidad de Mendoza, 5500 Mendoza Argentina.

▪  Architecture I II III IV V

▪  Structures I II III IV

▪  Constructions I II III IV

▪  Urban Design

▪  Ambient I II III

▪  History of  Architecture and  Urbanism I II III IV

▪  Theory of Architecture and Urbanism I II III IV

▪  Psychology of Architecture

▪  Others

▪  Thesis of Graduation: Theatre Company Set and School for Urban Artists.  Manhattan, New York.
Qualification: +10 including public recommendation

Humanities and Social Sciences Oriented to the Social Community Development


Colegio PS 29 “Del Carmen” 5600, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

▪  Sociology

▪  Logics and  Epistemology

▪  Psychology

▪  Law

▪  Literature

▪  History

▪  Social Politics

▪  Others



5600 San Rafael, Mendoza; Argentina

▪  Architecture projects design

▪  Building process control



Rigattieri Architects
272 Ameghino St., 5600 San Rafael, Mendoza; Argentina

▪  Architecture projects design

▪  Building process control

▪  Administration


University Course Assistant

Course: Psicología de la Arquitectura
Facultad de Arquitectura Urbanismo y Diseño, Universidad de Mendoza, Mendoza; Argentina.
665 Boulogne Sur Mer Av,  5500 Mendoza, Argentina

▪  Students assessment during the course

▪  Professor assistant


Customer Attention

Cleopatra Fashion Store
1242 H. Yrigoyen Av., 5600 San Rafael, Mendoza; Argentina

▪  Customer attention

▪  Administration


  • ▪ Competent Knowledge of Microsoft Office (+7 years)
  • ▪ Competent Knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD (6 years)
  • ▪ Competent Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (5 years)
  • ▪ Intermediate Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (3 years)
  • ▪ Intermediate Knowledge of Adobe Lightroom (1 year)
  • ▪ Intermediate Knowledge of Google SketchUp (2 years)
  • ▪ Basic Knowledge of Autodesk 3d Studio Max (1 year)


    Facility and development to carry out personal and interpersonal relationships., Work habit with good sense of humor and tolerance., ▪ Interest in participate in cultural life and help preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage, ▪ Open and critical attitude towards the diversity of expressions, ▪ Respect and curiosity about the different cultural and artistic statements, ▪ Will grow own aesthetic and creative ability

Groupes & associations


Langues parlées

    Advanced English, Espagnol langue maternelle, italien courant, Portugais

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