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Desired salary: $50,000.00
Desired position type: N'importe lequel
Lieu : Béjaïa Béjaïa, Algérie



Ingénieur en Informatique de formation, je me spécialise dans les technologies WEB et maîtrise parfaitement HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP.
Je suis également un spécialiste du CMS Joomla! et suis dans la mesure de développer des extensions, des modules, des plugins et des templates pour ce CMS qui représente d’après les dernières statistiques 3% du WEB.




  • 2012: 6002x certificate en Electronique après 04 mois de formation en ligne chez Mitx (actuellement devenue Edx)
  • 2011: ICDL (International Computer Driver License)-Hydra-Alger
  • 2007: Advanced English Certificate Defense langage Institue -TX/USA
  •  2005:Diplôme d’Ingénieur d’état en Informatique Ecole Nationale Polytechnique-Alger
  • 2002: Diplôme du Premier cycle universitaire (Ecole Nationale Préparatoire aux Etudes d’Ingéniorat-Rouiba)  (Tranc commun technologique)
  • 1999:BAC Série Sciences Exactes (Lycée mixte de SIDI-AICH)


June-2012-Now GOURAYA WEB DÉVELOPPEMENT Béjaia, Algeria
Web Projects Manager and Developer:
 Project management using Scrum
 Coding templates for the Joomla! CMS
 Access 2007 and VBA Consultant for WMZ, an Australian company specialized in Zinc Exploration and Exploitation
 Teaching an introductory SAS course
 Developing the following websites: www.gourayaweb.com, www.gourayadesign.com, using Joomla! CMS
2011-2012 DELTALOG Kouba, Algeria
Web Developer and Consultant:
 Scrum Master on a tenders management web application using the following technologies: CMS,
 Business Intelligence consultant : teaching the use of BIRT for an Algerian Oil drilling
 Teaching JAVA technologiesfor developing distributed systems (OOP, Design Patterns, Java I/O, Java
Sockets,Java RMI, Netbeans and Eclipse IDE overview, Ant)
 I also followed two training sessions about Java Servlets and Java Entreprise Edition + PrimeFaces library2009-untill now FREE LANCER Bejaia, Algeria
Web developer and designer, Software developer:
 Developing a web application using GWT, smartGWT and Java Enterprise Edition, Glassfish and
Geocoder API (GoogleMap). This application will allow people to order food online (ongoing). Data
Persistence is ensured by a PostgreSQL database.
 I played a key role in developing the classifieds site: http://www.dlaala.com
 Increasing Google page rank (PR) of www.credit-international.fr from 0 to 2 in a 2 months’ time frame
 Developing a Joomla gallery component used in www.jeportemonbebe.com .
 Designing a website for a company in France, see: www.extra-service.fr
 Using Java Technologies and BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) to create Reports ( helpful for decision making)

2009-untill now SYKEN COLLEGE + BMI ALGERIA Bejaia, Algeria
English and Bureautics teacher, Network administrator
 Teaching English for professionals in different fields including the oil sector.
 Implementing web solutions to manage exams, students and scholarship using Joomla 1.5 CMS. I mainly
developed an online quiz system using open source solutions; accessible through
 Teaching MS Office suite for more than a year.
2008-2009 THE ALGERIAN STATE Blida, Algeria
English teacher
 Teaching English for students of a primary level, the lessons were given at a pace of three lessons a week
Secretary, hardware and software troubleshooter
 Elaborating reports both in French and Arabic about different issues related to cooperation in the domain of defense
 Hardware and software troubleshooting: computers, printers, scanners, operating systems…etc


  • Ms Office
  • visual c++
  • php
  • mysql
  • SAS
  • Crystal Reports 2008
  • Unified modeling language
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • GWT
  • smartGWT
  • Eclipse IDE (Java)
  • Netbeans
  • GitHub
  • Joomla! CMS


    Joomla! CMS extension developer, Web Developer

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